A Web Developer


I am a web developer / designer living in Miami. My passion is to create web applications from scratch, dividing the development cycle into three main phases:

How do I do it?

Data Model.

In the first phase the necessary entities and their relationships are created for the correct functioning of the system, covering all the functional requirements

User Interface Design

In this phase we proceed to create the user interfaces, point to oriented in providing a good user experience in which the user feels comfortable, in addition to translate a style of design oriented to the customer need.

Creation of resources.

In this last phase already having a functional application, I usually add added value, that is, to give it a more professional design, supporting me in the creation of resources (aimaciones, images and videos).

My Skills.

Bootstrap (3 years).

Jquery (5 years).

Sencha Extjs (7 years).

Laravel (2 years).

HTML5 (5 years).

CSS3 (5 years).

MySQL (7 years).

Can I do something for you?

If you like my work, or see in it something that can help you, do not hesitate to contact me. If you are determined to do so, please send your information and soon it will be attended to, regards